Colour Consultation

Discovering your true colours and understanding how colours can lift your mood and alter how people react to you. I work with you on assessing your skin tone, revealing your ideal colour palettes, must-have colours and absolute no-no’s. Colour can be a secret weapon – if you know how to use it!

Most people’s wardrobes are filled with colours they like or feel safe with, rather than what colours actually suit them; with most hiding behind all black outfits!

Unfortunately, the wrong colours can have an extremely negative and ageing effect on you by amplifying uneven skin tone, casting shadows onto the face and draining colour from your complexion.

The right colours can instantly make you look younger, healthier and radiant! They can diminish lines, blemishes and dark circles, and bring you a renewed positivity.

After the Colour consultation you will have all the necessary information about making the right colour decisions the next time you go shopping. Once you know which colours are right for you, you will be able to build a capsule collection of clothes that you can mix and co-ordinate, and use these colours to enhance your personality. Your colours never change throughout your life, so it really is a timeless style investment, and will leave you stress-free and feeling the best you’ve ever felt.

Colour consultations last approximately one hour. You will receive an email detailing everything we have discussed, which you will be able refer to when shopping and putting outfits together moving forward.

Colour Consultation: Please contact for price information


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