Personal Shopping

How many times have you been shopping and found absolutely nothing that catches your eye? Or bought something in a panic, leaving you feeling dissatisfied and frustrated? Or perhaps you struggle to find the time to shop at all?

If you’re looking for effective, time-saving shopping sessions then the Personal Shopping service is for you. During a personal shopping trip, I will show you how to make the right clothing choices for your shape and your style. Throughout the shop, I will demonstrate how to dress confidently and accessorise successfully.

I will advise you on what to buy and how to shop for the items needed to fill the gaps in your wardrobe. By the end of our shopping trip, you will be the proud owner of pieces that you love and feel comfortable in.

Whatever your budget, big or small, I promise to spend it wisely and carefully. The aim of the trip is to give you a newfound confidence in your own personal style, to relax and enjoy the shopping experience.

Personal shopping trip – £250 for 3 hours / £80 per hour

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